Dusten Sonnon

We live in an age where technology is ubiquitous. Smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers enable us to explore, post and publish whatever we wish at any time, from sharing pictures instantly with acquaintances around the globe to browsing an ongoing accumulation of global knowledge.
This sweeping transition is unique to this century. I feel fortunate to have lived through a time when only scientists, government workers and a few of the social fringe used computers, to a time when computers and devices are commonplace in the household. In just a generation or two, having the world at our fingertips has become second nature, and our children will almost certainly become adept with technology the likes of which we have yet to even conceive.
As a result, artists too are invited to push further and innovate, using technology to explore new methods and take chances. At the forefront of a new era of experimentation and discovery with digital technique and open source ideas, there are no rules. Yet, how we bridge traditional and digital media oftentimes leads to contentious clashes between artists as we collectively struggle to define the framework and format of ‘Real Art,’ and if there even should be a finite distinction between the two. We have a unique opportunity to decide for ourselves how we define art as we venture forward.

My works rest in a comfortable tension between these digital and traditional aesthetics. The theme of each piece is shaped by vibrant visuals, combining digital illustration and hand-drawn elements with subtle opacities and overlapping layers to alter the mood of a piece. I feel liberation using new technology. It allows me to explore color, texture, shape, and form in ways previously unavailable to me. I strive to constrain this newfound freedom in the time-tested parameters of color, texture, composition, mood, finding a resonant middle ground between two clashing ideologies.

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